AUTOPAY, Instamotor Partner to Provide In-App Financing

AUTOPAY, a marketplace lender that provides automotive purchase finance and refinancing services, announced it has recently partnered with Instamotor, a free marketplace for private-party car buying and selling, to provide instant access to financing through Instamotor’s mobile application.

AUTOPAY’s technology platform integrates with Instamotor’s free App available on iOS, allowing users to see financing information for each vehicle as they shop. For added transparency, users can view complete terms, cost breakdown and determine how variables such as personal credit score, income, and term duration affect rates for vehicles they are interested in purchasing.

“Instamotor is the most trusted peer-to-peer car marketplace and AUTOPAY’s secure and convenient financing services help to strengthen our product,” said Val Gui, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Instamotor. “Our partnership with AUTOPAY enables users to quickly acquire the financing they need to buy a car listed on the app.”

AUTOPAY partners with a national network of trusted credit unions, banks, and lending institutions to offer the most competitive rates and terms to consumers at all levels of the credit spectrum. Instamotor users who finance through AUTOPAY also benefit from customized loan options that fit their budget and the ease of completing the entire process electronically.

“AUTOPAY is committed to delivering the highest level of service, the industry’s best rates, and expertise to help buyers make the best decision,” said Jeff Hutcheson, Managing Partner at AUTOPAY. “By partnering with Instamotor, we are able to transform the car shopping experience into something that is easy and enjoyable.”