Refinancing Terms & Conditions


The Refinancing Program ("Refi") offers consumers the ability to shop alternative financing offers to their existing auto loan. Refi is managed by a third party service provider, AUTOPAY Direct, Inc. (the "Provider"), that is not affiliated with CarGurus, Inc ("CarGurus").  Your pursuit and acquisition of any vehicle refinancing, financing or other products will be governed by an agreement between you and the Provider.  

Refi is only offered on eligible vehicles that meet the following eligibility criteria:

•Less than 9 model years old

•Less than 120,000 miles

•Not a commercial vehicle

•Not branded or salvage title

•At least $7,500 of remaining balance on current auto loan

•No prior use as a ride sharing vehicle, for example for Uber or Lyft

And to eligible consumers that meet the following eligibility criteria:

•11 months on all three major credit bureaus (Experian, Transunion, Equifax)

•12 months since last bankruptcy filing

•Zero repossessions in the past 24 months, and no more than one repossession total in past